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"Short History of"

Nyamata Academy

"Our School History."

The Founders of Nyamata Academy, Dr.Sikubwabo S.Ngendabanka and Mrs. Sawa B.Ngendabanka developed the ideas and interest of building a school 15 years before acquiring a plot in 2005. The strong motivation for investing in education was an appreciation of the role of education in personal and community development. To them providing education appeared as a noble contribution to human development.The founders wishes to express their sincere gratitude to all who assisted them to make the idea a success.

Nyamata academy is a private owned English Medium Nursery and Primary School which started its operation on 8th March,2010. It has two sections: Pre-school which consists of beginners, middle class and top class or pre-unit and primary section that comprises grade one to seven. Nyamata Academy is located in Mwanagati at Plot No. 146 Block A, Mzinga Ward, Ilala Municipal Dar es salaam Region.

It is about 7Kms from Banana (Nyerere Road) and 4Kms from Buza Kitunda junction. The School is Registered with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology since November 2010. The school has condusive enviromnent for learning including competent and highly motivated teachers. The School has all the necessary infrastructures to support learning including classrooms, furnitures, library, school buses, domitories, kitchen and dining hall. Treatment room for pupils and staff.

Available classrooms are capable accomodating 1,500 pupils and out of those, 400 pupils can be accomodated in the domitories. The school has vegetable garden and poultry unit for ensuring that pupils get balance diet but also for learning self reliance. We encourage parents, guardians and interested stakeholders to visit us so that they can make an informed choice regarding selection of school for their children.


Nyamata Academy believes that; education is eternal and the source of wisdom for furthering human kind provided by competent, committed, motivated and morally conscious teachers.


“We are committed to provide pupils and other stakeholders with services of the highest level of quality. In order to achieve this, we are continually improving our processes, products and services to ensure satisfaction of pupils and other stakeholders at all times. The implementation of this quality policy is the responsibility of all staff members, with overall responsibility residing with the Board of Directors. It is compulsory that all staff recognize and accept our philosophy of quality service delivery and accepting accountability for their own output. The Board of Directors shall do its best to assure availability of resources to facilitate attaining and continually implementation of ISO 9001:2015 the International Standard for Quality Management”


Our values are: respect, integrity, courtesy, empathy and accountability to individual staff of Nyamata, pupils, parents, general public and environmental protection.

Admission Process

Step 1

Fill the Admission Form

Step 2

Submit the duly filled form along with required documents via email or direct to school

Step 3

Admission desk will verify the form and the required documents and revert if the pupil is eligible

Step 4

If the pupils has passed the test, the parents will receive provisional admission letter.

Step 5

After receiving provisional admission letter, the parents are required to complete all the admission formalities including payment of the required fees within 15 working days to block the seat.